Milchhausle Logo Design - need some advice on handwriting logo

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Hi everyone. I am currently working on a logotype for a medium-sized organic food store. Unfortunately, after working on this for some hours, I can no longer discern where the weak points of this thing are.

Anybody care to give me a little backup? Any kind of help appreciated!


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I really like. The inktrap-like joints look very much organic :-)

The part that IMO may need a bit of tweaking is the "". The /u/ looks almost vertical, and /s/ appears to have a negative slant (and by that perhaps contributing to how /u/ looks).

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Thanks for you reply, Alex.

The diverting slant in the "u" results from the initial construction, which was based on the way you would write a u with joined up writing, as a series of loops, hence the slight thickening of the u's bars.

I will straighten that and see it how it comes out.

regarding the s, the hook shape is a regional thing. People learn to write it like that in elemetary school, so I thought I might add that to incorporate some of the local peculiarities.

To straighten that thing out, I think I would have to add a "second storey" to the thing.
Not to thrilled about that beforehand but maybe the result will change my mind.

Advice much appreciated, thank you!

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Here are the changes I have made to the "us"-part:

Not sure about the s, though.

Let me know what you think.

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I prefer the original s, partly because its similar to how I draw it with a brush. I can see very slight differences in the two h's and I think you should exaggerate those a bit more. You don't want people to think you've used a font! The a & u still look a little heavy. Use the c as a model for a.

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Hi Justin!
I had started out with equal thickness, but as the hind part of "häusle" has a lot less ascenders than the front part, it came out much brighter in my printouts, so I increased the line width of those three letters a little bit to make them compete against the others better.

Will definitely play up on the differences between the hs, though. Good advice, much appreciated!

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