"Skills" -- need feedback, please!

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Hey folks,

Working on a new brand, getting tunnel-vision. I'd love some feedback from people with fresh eyes.

Here's the logotype: http://drbl.in/COU (Also attached to this post)

My primary concern is legibility -- reads OK?

Any other critique on form would be welcome. I'm not so sure about the colors (and don't think they matter at this point, can be changed).



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Quite readable! I like it.

Only concern: My first gut reaction was that it looks a lot like the Skil logo. Upon hunting for it, it's clearly different when side-by-side, but perhaps I'd push away from the red just to give it some distance.

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I still think K needs work :-)

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Have you tried this?:

height(first l) = height(i) + ((height(second l) − height(i)) ÷ 2

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I love it! Clean & smart (and yes I read it with no problems).
Without knowing more about the client/brand that's about all I can say though…

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@idangazit: If you can tell us…

1. Is this for you, or a client (if it's for a client, simply switch the word “you” with “client” below).
2. What services you currently offer
3. What, if any, you would like your future services to be
4. Your strongest skill
5. Who your current clients are
6. Who you want your future clients to be
7. Your dream client
8. How you want people to perceive you
9. On a scale of 1–10, how expensive are you

…you will get far more meaningful feedback.

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wtf . . .

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