Whats your favorite capital Q?

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Which font(s) have your favorite Q?
I am looking through my sets of fonts for the capital Q's I like for a design I am working on for class.
I would like some suggestions of which type faces out there have nice capital Q's. Right now I am not thinking about the message behind the Q just which ones look good and I like, then I will narrow them down to which ones make sense to use.

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Some Qs I’ve always liked:

Andulka Italic by Stormtype
Caslon Italic (swash alternate) by Adobe
Scala (Sans) Italic by FontFont
Sun by LucasFonts (a. k. a. ‘the sperm cell’)
TheSans/Mix/Serif by LucasFonts

Recent OpenType versions of the latter typeface(s) no longer feature this glyph shape as the standard ‘Q’, which might be good, as the detached tail appears to have been a pet peeve for others. Still, I love it — and as long as they keep it as a stylistic alternate …

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Maybe not my «favorite», but Eagle's "Q" is fun. Like a speech bubble.

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Nina, are those all Eagle's Q?

If people can do what Nina did, I would really appreciate it but its definitely not necessary to do.

Please name the typefaces so I can find them and get them. Thanks.

Q is such an ugly letter in my opinion.

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Like a speech bubble.

Or a bird's head.

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This is a logo, not a font, but it's an interesting Q.

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I like this (though I do say so myself), of a font I'm working on at the moment:

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Avant Garde

Goudy Old Style

Fontesque Pro (release imminent.)

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Nick (C.), I also think your Geetype Q is interesting.

(And if self-promotion is allowed, the regular and swash Qs of my Ambicase are some of my favorite glyphs.)

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...if self-promotion is allowed...

You may have noticed the occasional precedent...

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.

Craig - those Ambicase Q's are mental. (In a good way).

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Some of the Baskervilles have a good looking Q (Monotype, ITC etc.)

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Walbaum Fraktur’s.
Like a girl sticking out her tongue.

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exactly :), thanks for posting this!

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Here's another couple that I forgot;

(FF Penguin BTW)

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I love capital Q, so many options when drawing.
The first one here is from Emerson, the others are from fonts I'm currently working on.

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Thanks for all your inputs everyone, I have decided to just go with Bryant's Capital Q.

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The long-tailed swash Q in Jan van Krimpen's Romanée is one of the most beautiful letters I've come across. The sample below is from my own digital revival. I also find the 16th-century inscriptional Q to be stunning. The sample here is from Luca Orfei's lettering, another project I'm working on.

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Nick Cooke... the deco is way coooooooool.


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Thanks Michael. It works by having sidebearings set to zero so that all characters butt up against each other, thus making the characters appear from the negative spaces.

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Custodia, Custodia and Custodia.

By Fred Smeijers from OurType.

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