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I was working on my typography skills and have made Mining logo

What do you thing guys?

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It's not attached

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ok, you can see it now, sorry

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I's say custom.
Easily reproducible, for example, with www.fontstruct.com

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Not the type ID section Riccardo :)

I like it. Don't know anything about the company or how this fits with what they do, but I like it.

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As a type/design exercise, it's nice. Couldn't really judge it as a logo without knowing a lot more about the project, though.

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it was just made for fun, noone is going to use it

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Not the type ID section Riccardo :)

Ooops! I’m very sorry!

Well, I think the logo is strong. It reminds me of some geometric style of arabic script. Maybe not so easily readable for non-english speakers.

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Very cool.

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