Feedback for letter integration please

Hello, I am Reshma Shaik. I am interested in graphic design and a beginner in this field.
I have attempted a letter integration of my initials R and S. With the capital letters I found it too disconnected in the form to integrate but the moment I shifted to small letters, I found a couple of directions to try it in.
I would really appreciate if you could take some time out and give me feedback on how to improve this further.

Thank You

Reshma Shaik

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I like it (more so, R and S being my initials too ;-)

I think you could lower a little the left part of r.
Also, I would remove the serifs (or make them more prominent).

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You need to lower the top of the stem of r. Right now it's the same level as the top of the s and so optically it looks even higher.

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@riccard0, Justin_Ch: Thank you for the feedback. Will work on it soon.

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It might do well to decrease the size of the smaller circle by a very small percent.

The obvious problem with the swash to me is that its lower terminating point is much sharper than the upper. And the negative space/outline on the top does not actually match the curve of the filled portion. Make sense?

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Sorry for taking long to fix it. But I made some changes based on the suggestions. Please take a look at them and let me know if the form seems more refined. Thank You for your time.

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Could you maybe connect the bottom ball with the part of the 's'? It would make sense for the 'r' to have a ball and then the 's' to have one of his own as well.

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Those serifs could easily follow the shape of the ball terminal. The r arm is a bit heavy, and it’s curves needs some more attention.

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