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I am working on a newsletter right now.

there are five main sections - arts, sport, youth, advice and links

does anyone know of any comprehensive pictogram systems ( Im looking in the direction of ISOTYPE/OLYMPIC style stuff )that may be appropriate

may just end up drawing them myself but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel

Kind regards

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the age group is 11-24 so 'cool' (whatever that means these days) is in

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I'm not really clear on what sorts of icons you'd need (maybe you can clarify?),
but FF Netto has some really nice and minimal ones.
I'd call these 'cool' (but I'm not 11–24).

Other than that, I assume you've searched for «dingbats» et al.

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thanks nina netto is nice and minimal
*Edit* netto bold icon is bang on! :)

just to clarify:

arts - paintbrush
sport - olympic style running man?
youth - boy with a baseball cap?
advice - question mark
links - maybe a paperclip

just searching for a big library with a unified feel

the other typefaces are franklin gothic and rockwell


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