Website design for German Charity Organisation

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I was just curious to find out what you guys thought of my latest website design.

It's essentially a charity organisation that seeks new families for foster children.

I didn't design the logo myself. It was provided by the client.

Blue and yellow are the corporate colours. They also asked me to use black and white photos exclusively, in accordance with their corporate ID.

As for the fonts, I will probably have to stick to Georgia since this is the only serif font that looks good across browsers.

Thanks a lot for any feedback!

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I like the simplicity of this (and the little head illustration in the logo!). Three quick thoughts:

(1) The donation button is a little too far down the page for a charity, IMO.
(2) I'm a little confused about the function of the vertical menu. How is it different than the function of the main horizontal menu? Or is it related to the image to the left?
(3) I feel like there's too much grey on the page (so not enough color).

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Hello Dan,

Thanks for your feedback.

(1) OK, you are probably right. I adjusted it a little.
(2) The vertical menu is meant to act as a secondary navigation in this case. It may contain zero to ten or so navigation points.
(3) I totally agree. The grey didn't feel right. I replaced it with blue now. How do you like it?

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