Josefin Slab & Sans release soon!!!

Santiago Orozco's picture

Hallo everybody! I just finished the family of my font Josefin, which currently you can use it as webfont, and would like to know what do you think about it :-)
Hope you like it.

Stephen Coles's picture

Using the same spacing for both slab and sans doesn't work. The slab is far too tight and many slab glyphs require different sidebearings.

Santiago Orozco's picture

yeah, thank you Stephen, I was afraid of that, now I have something to get busy. :-)

cerulean's picture

The top serif on Zz doesn't make sense to me. Drop it from the sans version at least. Even in the slab, I sort of get it for the lowercase z, but for capital Z it seems a normal one that hangs down would be far more practical.

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