Drop caps help suggestions

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Hey folks

Would like to get some alternative style ideas on drop caps; they only appear once per page of a brochure, so it can become a feature in itself. Any input on positioning/height, how many lines to drop, etc would be much appreciated.

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Hi Sam

Is it possible to see in context with the page layout (ie margin sizes etc)?

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sure: 150mm wide pages that are concertina'd... its a concept at this point so don't freak out about the size of the thing; it's over two meters across!

I have no grid employed for each page. I'm trying to avoid that as I will need to alter it somewhat before I even do a prelim print...

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An earlier discussion with some links:

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Thanks J!

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Very good thread. Nick Shinn's guide is worth a look.

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Nick's style guide is excellent.

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