Schizotype's first intercontinental fonts released

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Schizotype is proud to announce the release of the foundry's first fonts to be created over two continents. Started in the UK, finished in Japan.
Quickscript is a casual retro script.

Sizemore is a fashion headliner with Avant Garde inspired ligatures and alternates.

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Sizemore is interesting! I guess it requires tight letterspacing to make the ligatures work, which is more difficult with this style than with the original monoline sans, to my eye. But a really cool idea.
Congrats and good luck.

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Thanks, Craig

I love Ambicase by the way!

Yeah the tight spacing is to get the ligatures to hold together. I can increase the trracking a bit and they still look like part of it but too much and I have to break the ligatures apart. I only see it as any use for headlines, and maybe sub-headlines without the ligautures and increased tracking. I never envisioned it being any good for text of any length, that's the main reason I didn't bother with a lower case.

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