Critique on Band Logo Please

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This is a student project and I haven't really worked with this kind of type much, so there are issues I'm running into.

This is for a metal band. Instead of just focusing on the heaviness, I wanted to emphasize the way the band uses epic smooth guitar melodies and harmonies in the music.

I know there are issues. I'm having trouble resolving them, especially with "The." I'm not sure how exactly to resolve some of these things.

Any critique/ suggestions or anything you think should be changed are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

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After a quick look, I like this logo. It fits with the genre and the name. I found two things that stick out: your "e" on "The" seems to just scaled down from the bigger one, so the inlines are now too thin, so you should fix that. And just make that "T" stem upright, and fix that flat-looking right-hand swatch, and you're fine.

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Nice type treatment on this. Possible scaling issue's when brought down to smaller size, such as business cards etc. .

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Thanks guys. I'm working on these issues and a few others. I'll post a more refined version soon. In the meantime if anyone sees anything else in the logo, please let me know.

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Here's the new version. I made a lot of changes, particularly to the e's, n, and c.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to get as nit picky as you want!! :)
(By the way, how do make a post with the image in it, instead of linking to another page?)

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how do make a post with the image in it, instead of linking to another page?

There’s a "Insert image" link (flash required) just below the comment text area.

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Ohh... Duh. Thanks!

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