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I've recently developed a font that has attracted the attention of someone I know who's designing a new magazine. He's asked if he can buy a copy and use it for titles and headings in the magazine.

It's not my understanding that he wants any kind of exclusivity for the magazine, and there's only one weight at the moment.

Should I just sell him a copy of the font at it's normal price? Or should I ask for some sort of commercial/extortionate fee for it? I suspect the former but I'd like to be told the latter ;)

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If you dont grand exclusive usage rights to the magazine, I think you may just be able to sell it for the 'normal' price.. ( But what about some kind of 'temporary exclusive usage', like, lets say, that the magazine will be able to use it for one year, exclusively, before you can sell it to the general public.? )

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That's what I thought, I'll have to have a word with the guy I think. It should be some good publicity for the font anyway...

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I've sold "beta" copies of some of my fonts, generally at the full [eventual/intended] price, without exclusivity, and with the promise that they will get the full version when it comes out. Also, the client and I "use" each other via feedback: the crits they give me are often applied, and if so of course end up in the final version they get.

Just try to make sure of one thing: that copies of your beta won't end up floating around even before you release the real thing! That's a sure way to make zero dollars from it, not to mention create a version-control nightmare. So choose your "beta-testers" carefully. I've stuck to dealing with Typophiles when I do that: I know they care about type; and being co-members of a society keeps both parties straight.


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Thanks for the advice Hrant,

The guy I'll be selling it to is -- if not a hardened typophile -- a fellow designer and -- if not a friend -- a well known associate, so I think I can trust him with a beta copy if needs be :-)


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