Code name: ROUGE

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ROUGE: A display font. Used as a logotype and then expaned to a full character set. The intentions are that of a display face for titles and labels. I have tried to build alternate characters with the intention that they be used as MINIMAL accents to the Regular face.
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I like this a lot. Especially the flavor of the alternates.

In Rouge Reg.

I see some little incongruities (flatness in the top of the lc d's counter - compare with g, the fleck at the tip of the lc k)

UC A - more air in the counter?

the lc k's arm feels cramped, id open it up a bit

I'm also not too fond of the number 4

I feel uncomfortable posting in these forums, because im just a beginner, but those are some of my thoughts.


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Hi Jeremy,

I like it. In Rouge Alt the "W" is a little to wide for me.


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Neato! It is very 'dark'. Perhaps the wild west gone a
little goth. I agree with Andrew- the UC A and SC A
need some air to breath, drop the crossbar a little. The
SC W looks too wide, snap it into shape. Original, to my
eyes. Good show old bean!

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I like this. Lots of fun options too.

I like to think of type (in one sense) like legos, something you can play/build with. The more options/pieces you have, the greater variety of things you can build. Something like that.

I would consider smoothing out the swash decenders/ascenders in the alternate set. Some of them are nice and smooth (like the A), but most seem to have some anchor-point bumps in there. I attached an image, so hopefully you'll see what I mean. Granted, they are tricky to get out, but resolving this makes your face much more professional.

Have you made any progress since posting this?


Swash Problems.gif

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This is pretty cool.

Ryan, those are probably Flash distortions to the outlines. They might be cured by exporting as TT and/or defining the inflection points explicitly.


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Thanks for the comments everybody. I'm still new to this forum and I value the wisdom you all share. And I really appreciate some fresh eyes looking at it, I'm way too close to it to see some of it's problems.
In answer to Ryan's question

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Rouge is a fancy type face which can be used on singage imitsating the Old West.

Any word on its release at

Yours truly,

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i'm surprised no one mentioned the Q. that's the first thing i noticed when i looked at the regular version. that tiny tail doesn't make it instantly recognizable as a Q. very cool stuff.

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