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I really love Neuzeit S, ive found it really useful (even though it only has 2 weights) and i like its quirks, was just wondering what everyone else thinks really...i don't see it used around that much so was just thinking maybe its just me....
is there any knowledgeable typophiles out there who have any views on it?

this is what wikipedia says:
Neuzeit S is a sans-serif typeface designed by C.W. Pischiner in 1928 for the Stempel type foundry. The German name translates to English as "new time." The face combines characteristics of both geometric and realist (neo-grotesque) sans-serif classifications. In 1959 additional weights were added by the Linotype foundry's version. A related but different face, DIN Neuzeit, is rounder and more purely a geometric sans-serif.
Neuzeit S is distinct for its contrast of wide circular characters o, O, p, q, and Q with the more compact characters h, n, u, and t.

view/buy it here:

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Simple, but it really does have a lightness that makes it stand out.

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I like it, too. Though it has gotten really hip around here (DE) lately.

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haha funny you should say that Kupfers, i just noticed that its used quite extensively in a recent issue of Grafik magazine....

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If you like Neuzeit S, have a looksy at Graphik!

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(Cute new avatar, Frode :)

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A better translation (imo) is: new age.

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Absolutely one of my favorite sans serifs. It occupies this wonderful area between a neo-grotesk and a geometric 'face, and I'm always a sucker for round tittles. It has just enough personality to distinguish itself, and can be a really nice touch when you're wary of using Akzidenz, Helvetica or Futura. It's got quite a nice set of numerals, to boot.

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