Scandinavian "style" identities - suggestions

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I'm discussing with a colleague about Scandinavian design style and if the identities of the companies behind the scandinavian design also feels scandinavian.
We are having a hard time finding logotypes that feels like they represent the products and would like to know what logotypes that you think feels scandinavian?


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Found one example that I think feels and represents scandinavian design.

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Well, the Finnish design companies seem to agree on sans, Futura or Avant Garde especially. Marimekko with their typewriter style is an exception. The clean lines suit the usually simple design of their products. It is possible, though, that I'm so used to seeing these logos, that I can't imagine anything more decorative in their place.

The Fiskars logo has changed a bit over the years, but it's still recognisable.

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Fritz Hansen produces all the classic danish furniture, like Kjaerholm, Arne Jacobsen, Wegner etc but the logo does not feel particularly scandinavian, and in the "extended version" mostly Swiss.

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A lot of new identities from Norway use cold mechanical sans serifs.

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Thank you for your examples and input. All very clean but to me they feel cold and I don't see scandinavian design as cold, more refined and reduced but with caring thought. Fiskars reflects this I think, with its slightly rounded style.

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This danish design agency epitomizes contemporary danish graphic design
I hold their work for DSB (Danish Rail) to be their best and most 'Danish', especially because of their contemporary interpretation of the letterforms historically used by DSB (the open 'danish g') and the works of danish early 20th century architects, the so called 'humanist modernist'

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