Dosis Family

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Hello There:
Dosis Family, designed by Edgar Tolentino and me, is available.
We hope you like it!!

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I do like it, especially the tittles.
But it may be a mistake to name it Terminal, as there is a foundry with that name.

BTW, the Lslash/Sterling symbol is problematic, and the slash on oslash a bit long (Scandinavians, please confirm).

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Thanks Nick!
Will review the name issue, as well as the Lslash, Sterling and oslah.
I'm glad that you like it.

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Yes, the ø needs some work.

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Thanks frode!

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Congratulations, Pablo. Really a great font.

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Thanks Paulo!

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Just a quick update to let you know that more weights have been added.
Terminal Dosis is now a 7 weights Family (Extralight, Light, Book, Medium, SemiBold, Bold y ExtraBold)

The lighter weights are minimalist. The bolder weights have more personality.
Also featuring lots of alternates. The overall result is a family that's clean and modern, and can express a wide range of voices & feelings.

Download the new version at

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just a question. I tried it out and was wondering.
The punctuation glyphs seems to be one weight lighter than thay should be (at least to my eyes). I ended up using the extrabold punctuation when setting in bold.
Is that a glitch or intention?
Then there’s a glitch with the cap A in the bold ttf-version, (not in the otf-version).

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Thanks! I will check it out for the next update

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I love it, Pablo! )))
there is a slight touch of Bauhaus.
simple and easy forms...
I myself wanted to do something like that. ))))
you want, I'll do to him the Cyrillic alphabet? )))

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There will be an additional weight?

Just a few ;-)
Look at the link in the starting post.

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Hi Denis,


> you want, I'll do to him the Cyrillic alphabet?

Olexa Volochay has contributed the Cyrillics for the 'Extra Light' weight, but we never released it.

We still need the Cyrillics for the 'Heavy' weight.
Them I can interpolate, and add the Cyrillic to the full family.

If you want to do it, I can add a new project in with the source files

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Pablo, this isn't the best place to ask this,
but I didn't want to start a whole new thread
on it: do you have the proper permission for
reviving Cancelleresca Bastarda?


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As far as I know 1934 is Public Domain by now. Will start a new thread for that discussion in a few weeks, once the Caps are in place.

I will also like to invite anyone interested to participate: by providing feedback, testing the font, editing the sources, etc... whatever way they want to help.

I want this revival to be as good and true to the original as possible.

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Not that you should automatically submit to anybody
else's wishes, but you should at least contact TEFF and
see if they object, and if so on what basis. There's more
to life than copyright law; but making strangers happy
doesn't need to be a high priority for you either.

Communicate openly, clarify, then take a decision.


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Just adding the link to the CB thread

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Great Pablo, I will take a closer look soon. Keep going.

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