Bug in AdobeFontLabUtils.py belonging to the AFDKO 2.5 21898?

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When I start the macro Misc/Do Glyph Alias & Ordering, I get the following errors, if the file GlyphOrderAndAliasDB is not in the same directory as the font:

Error. The path to SharedData is not in the sys.path list.
Error. Could not find GlyphOrderAndAliasDB , even in FDK Shared Data Dir.

(The space between 'GlyphOrderAndAliasDB' and the comma in the message above is not the reason [but nevertheless it should be removed].)

But the path to 'FDK\Tools\win' is in the PATH variable and the file GlyphOrderAndAliasDB is in the directory 'FDK\Tools\SharedData'.

The AFDKO autohint macro works. So it knows about path to 'FDK\Tools\win'.

I searched in the files, that belong to the AFDKO, for the error message and I assume(!), the bug(?) is located there. But I was not able to make out, how to correct it.

Not, that I actually need the macro 'Do Glyph Alias & Ordering', but since Adobe is going to release a new version this year, as far as I am informed, this bug should be fixed (if it is a bug).


And the problem with the stem hist report, that does not seem to work correctly, should be likewise fixed. It works with the AFDKO 2.0 26, but not with the actual version. At least not correctly.

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