Typographica New Series for 99p!

Er... it does say anything goes for this forum, so... here goes: a shamless plug for my wife's eBay sale of design magazines and ephemera starting with some Typographica new series editions some still (rather frighteningly) available for 99p!

Typographica 1
Typographica 2
Typographica 3
Typographica 9

Really sorry if this sort of post is frowned on by the community but my wife's desperate to drum up interest and as you probably all know these are seminal publications that deserve a good home.


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FWIW personally I find this to be totally fine.
I myself once sold my Baseline collection this way.
Now, if she tries to sell her china here... ;-)


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What? No china? That was going to be my next post: 73 piece porcelain dinner service in good condition, minor damage to the gravy boat...

Seriously, thanks for the reply Hrant, looks like I was a bit previous with my 99p alarm anyway. I think there will be some Baseline copies going up at some point as well as Graphis, Gebrauchs Graphik, Eye and Print Magazines. We're in an "everything must go" kind of mood...


Graphic Showroom

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