Comic Sans: A Documentary?

Don't you want to see a self-mocking, semi-ironic documentary made on Comic Sans?

Just 3 days left to raise the startup funds! I think it would be hilarious.

(Apologies if this has been posted here before — I couldn't find it.)

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>Don't you want to see a self-mocking, semi-ironic documentary made on Comic Sans?

Not really.

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I would start a fund for him not to make it.
If I even cared.

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Will it open in limited markets and how can I keep it out of mine? Are the credits going to be set in Panoptica? They are very similar:-)

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Thanks for the support Scott. It seems that no one wants to see a Comic Sans documentary, but that won't stop me from making it.

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To me, the fact that there are such strong responses to even the idea of a Comic Sans documentary (whether for or against) indicates that it's an emotional topic, a typeface that fulfills an important role within our visual culture, and therefore perfect subject matter for a film. Anything so polarizing ought to be scrutinized and documented.

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Three expressions of disinterest is a strong response?

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Along the same lines of Nick's response, I wouldn't mistake apathy for hatred.

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I have said it and it bears repeating: I am a couple of years past the point when I wanted people to stop using Comic Sans so much. Now I would be happy to see people use it as much as they want as long as they would stop talking about it.

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I can't help but think a lot of people say they hate Comic Sans just because everyone else hates Comic Sans...

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I can't help but think a lot of people say they love Comic Sans just because everyone else hates Comic Sans. Me included.

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Like Helvetica, I have always failed to see what it is so wrong with Comic Sans that every one passionately hates it.

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I would be manifestly impressed if you could make a film on this topic more than 15 minutes long, such that the audience would not be looking to their watches in minute 16.

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I have not seen the word hate yet except by those who accuse everyone of hating it.

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I think that Comic Sans works well for an advertisement for a nursery school, for example. It has the problem that it doesn't work well for a lot of the other purposes for which it is being used - it is used in place of Hobo, in place of Papyrus (!), in place of a comic book lettering face, in place of Dom Casual... and not working well in those cases.

People who don't know much about typography... don't see the need to augment the meagre default typographic resources of the Windows platform even with those offered by, say, sites like Dafont, or CD-ROMs with 1000 Windows Fonts without hinting. This is neither news nor really the fault of Comic Sans.

There will be bad typography - and Comic Sans will end up a part of it. But then, so will Arial and Times Roman, even though there isn't all that much wrong with those faces.

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I hope it has less:

  • shots of Comic Sans on signs
  • interviews with artists loving/hating comic sans

and more:

  • fisticuffs

Sure, I'll watch a movie about Comic Sans. Bring it on. I want to see a movie for every font out there. C'mon filmmakers. Folio Light: the Motion Picture.

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Russell Crowe in TRAJAN.

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>I want to see a movie for every font out there.

Agree, but the list needs to be prioritized, with "I AM TRJAN" at the top of the list.

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One cop.
One astronaut.
One chance to save the world.



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I see potential for a new Type Battle.

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Please! We all know the next Blockbuster hit is going to be Times New Roman. HA HA

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For me "Pop-eyerus" has got alot more potential than Comic Sans, but I feel that tarnishing "Pop-eye", a cartoon that promotes Spiniach(!) with the Papyrus face, is too harsh!

Great Poster :)

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Comic Sans has been pretty thoroughly mocked already (and, to his credit, Vince Connare seems to be a good sport about it). Making fun of Comic Sans is about as innovative as jokes about airline food.

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There has been plenty of opportunity to dump on other Microsoft Core Web Fonts such as Stumpy (Impact) and the Clunkies (Verdana and Georgia), but not much action -- although Ikea's dismissal of Futura in favour of Verdana did rile quite a few typophiles. Apparently, Sir Matt is pure teflon.

& rlly, who cud diss LOLCATZ font?

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i'de go see these....

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What about "O Brothers, Where Art Thou?"... Oh, well, nevermind...

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Awesome. Keep 'em coming!

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..."Les Didiots", LOL!

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Yeah, I need a crash-course Photoshop... I know. Than I also could have done "Bend it like Bickham"

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>Craig: Fertigo! Great, why didn't I think of that!

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Fertigo, ha :-D

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