Fonts Like Effra (from Dalton Maag)?

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Hey guys, does anybody know of a font that is really similar to Effra?

I kind of love the font and would like to use it in a logo, unfortunately the price tag is almost as much as I'm getting paid for the logo so it's not really a feasible option, especially since I'm only 40% sure I'll end up using it.

Any thoughts for a suitable substitute would be very much appreciated!

Thanks all


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Try looking into Elisar Or Seria Sans. Their both similar elisar seems to be closer considering the X-height of the f...

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Looks a bit like Avenir to me.

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Seria Sans is something completely different if you ask me. X-height of the f?

I’d say Frutiger, Myriad, Avenir or Gotham.

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Good suggestions guys, I agree Seria Sans isn't quite the same. Several of the others could work though, not a perfect replacement but if they were I suppose Dalton Maag couldn't charge $500+ for the family. :)

I'll start playing with those since I already have all but Elisar, but keep em coming if you think of anything else.


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