a good default installed sans serif (text)

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Hi everyone,

i wanted to ask what would be a good default windows and Mac OS default installed sans serif font for text and headlines.

Its for use in a word template that is going to be used by different departments, and i can't push them to invest in buying a font since there's to much departments involved and everybody wants something else therefore they decided to use a default font.

I really don't want to use Arial, something with a bit of character would be nice

thnx in advance for all the great help!

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Depends which Windows you have; if you have Vista or above, there are the new cleartype fonts (Calibri, Cambria etc). If you're working onscreen, Georgia is very nice, and allround compatible (can be used for print as well). I think some systems have versions of Baskerville, Palatino or Garamond, but I don't know which versions.

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