Geography meets typography

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The world in words. Starting as an experiment, it turned out to be an exciting product. Finally available here:

The Typomaps are awarded with the IF Design Award and are nominated for the Design- award of the Federal Republik of Germany 2011.

The Typomaps are handset, and not automatically generated by computer program. Thereby we achieved an astonishing closeness to the conventional worldmap. For the type-interessted people: we used the font „Helvetica Neue Black Condensed“.

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Nice. Reminds me of this.

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Is that Kosovo as stand-alone country there?

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Cool idea.
I don't really mind that Switzerland seems to be abbreviated – it's admittedly a tough one to fit – but it makes me wonder, mightn't it have been interesting to use different widths (and maybe weights) of a given typeface*?
(* And why oh why do people who make cool stuff with type so often fall back on this most nondescript of typefaces?)

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I would also point to this:

(Not really related to typography, but still an interesting take on the map!)

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