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I am working on a logo that has two words in it, both starting with the letter "S". While I can't disclose the name, it is in the entertainment industry (film, interactive, gaming, etc.). I need to make it look "cutting edge, modern, smooth, efficient." Fonts that come to mind include: Bank Gothic, Neo Sans, Klavika, Square 721. So far no luck using these. Could you please give me input on fonts that fit the above criteria? Thanks!

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If you are prepared to consider the ancient Bank Gothic and Square 721 (Microgramma) as modern, how about Eras?

Do you think the experimental Morphica (which has an interesting "S") is cutting edge, or passé deconstruction?

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Thanks for answering. Eras, to me, is too friendly to be considered modern. I looked at Morphica and, IMHO, it tries too hard to be modern and thus becomes self defeating. A few others I've considered: Convection, Soho Gothic and Oblik Bold. Others I looked at but didn't use were Proxima Nova, Conduit, Din Next, Etelka, Euphoric, Pill Gothic, Fago, Fedra, Gotham, Interstate, Politica and Unit. I've run the gamut of modern sans serifs. If there are others worth a look, please feel free to mention them.

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