Typographic Logo for a play

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This logo is for a school project. The logo is for a play called Trying.
By Joanna McClelland Glass
Directed By Richard Seer
The play is about a 80 year old Judge who hires a new 25 year old secretary. They are really different from one another and argue a lot, but end up influencing each other in a way that lasts a lifetime.

So, that was pretty much my design process.
The tree and leaf is supposed to represent this 'old and young' theme that's in the play.
Thanks guys.

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I guess I don't see the style of the type working well with the hand lettering you've done. What about hand lettering all of it?

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ohkay. i think you're right. the typed out letters seem too smooth compared to the drawn ones. i'll give it a try then post it. thank you

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