Our latest newsletter // October 2010

Newsletter October 2010

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I’m not sure what software you’re using to get those images, but it’s making a real mess out of the type.

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Moderator, please remove this spam.

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Nick is right, this is the wrong place. I’ve said this before:

Such news should go into the ‘News’ section: http://www.typophile.com/news

Please post your message there and delete this thread. Unfortunately, I can’t move it there.

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But calling it spam is highly ungracious, especially coming from somebody who historically has wantonly interjected sales attempts.


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Most of my posts don't include a plug for Shinntype fonts.
When I do recommend one of my fonts, it is for a particular brief that I think it may be appropriate for.
Being on topic, that's hardly wanton interjection.
If a topic is being discussed, I will often use one of my own fonts as an example, because I'm familiar with its design process; that's not a sales attempt, it's primarily sharing knowledge -- although it is also publicity.

Spam is indiscriminate, blanket promotion. As a term, it may have derogatory overtones, and hence be ungracious to mention, but I use it quite literally.
Posting a marketing newsletter in General Discussions is spam.
I've also criticized TypeTogether for this before.
Perhaps it's not my job to be so officious, as I'm not a moderator, so in future I will draw it to a moderator's attention "in private", rather than in the thread.
Where is the link to contact a moderator?
I couldn't find one.

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This is primarily a discussion forum, not a shopfront. To me posting anything somewhere that people can't comment is worse than any purported spam (nevermind that this particular post is from a reputable outfit dedicated to our craft).

I propose that no thread on Typophile be closed to discussion.


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while alerting an admin by leaving a comment in the thread works out most of the time (like it did here), sending a direct message certainly is quicker and more effective. You can contact any of the admins via this page: http://typophile.com/moderators (Yes, I agree that there should be a link to it in the footer or sidebar of every page.)

I have sent a message to the original poster, but haven’t heard back yet. I will delete this thread, but first want to point TypeTogether to this discussion and your (fair) remarks – otherwise, we will see another accidentally posted ad in the General Discussions very soon (as I believe this has happened out of ignorance, not with bad intentions).


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> happened out of ignorance, not with bad intentions

Which is exactly why it's not spam - and everybody knows that.


You might BTW want to keep this thread for its -admittedly small- educational value. Especially since the original post has clearly been neutered of any real content (which BTW has tellingly been the case since early on, before I for one ever saw it in fact).


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> I propose that no thread on Typophile be closed to discussion.


I'll second hrant's motion.

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Hrant. You are accusing Nick of being ungracious.

That is truly a joke right?

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As far as I know no one is obliged to read all posts on Typophile...

I, for one, try to steer clear of posts by a certain typeshop that seems to lauch a ‘new’ typeface every other day.

(It would be span if the thread-tite reads something like ‘Help needed!! Will loose my job if I can't find this one!!!’ and the initial message would be ‘Our latest newsletter [etc.]’.)

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