what typeface is this?

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Hello there,
Does anybody know what typeface this is?
Thanks alot!
There three of them

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The second one looks like Gill Sans.

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hello, thanks, I checked and think that could be it
Then the light font

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The third one looks like Akzidenz Grotesk.

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Font in the first picture is »Didot Bold«

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thanks, I think there a lot of versions of this H&FJ Didot. Do you know which one this is?
So great you found it though. I am really impressed by the knowhow and how quick the respons is too...

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The Didot which I have is from Linotype, here you can take a look:


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The third one is Standard CT Extra Bold

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I've read a claim somewhere that Standard is the name that was given to Akzidenz Grotesk when it arrived in the United States, so they're both the same face.

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