Music thats encapsulates Perpetua

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Hello my fellow Typophilians.

I posted earlier about what Eric Gill's 'Perpetua' springs into mind
Ive come up with the following general descriptions: classic, light, elegant and somewhat non-specific. If there are any other words that spring to mind please share.

I'm having a little trouble thinking of possible songs, instrumental versions or music in general that encapsulates these attributes. It's for a 30sec animation on After Effects I'm creating.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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Philip Glass

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Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

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The Hornpipe from Handel's Water Music...

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Well, for Janis Joplin fans, there's always...

Try (just a little bit harder)

and the Rolling Stones also had a song named

Try a little harder

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something that only sounds good at 14-point (metal).

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wow these ideas are fantastic.
I'm amazed by the diversity of Perpetua.
All the recommended songs although very different in terms of rhythm and mood, conjure some aspect that is Perpetua.
Ill be listening it every suggestion while making my animatic.
Thank you for the fantastic ideas!
Now the problem is, which one do I choose???
I also thought The Beatles 'Here Comes the Sun' would work as well.

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Nah, Perpetua's definitely a Paul tune - maybe Eleanor Rigby or Penny Lane.

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Maxim is heading in the right direction in that it needs to be immediately recognisable as distinctly British, but the Pomp and Circumstance March (often known as Land of Hope and Glory, although Elgar didn't write or approve the lyrics) is too martial for Gill. You want something pastoral. I recommend either part of the opening movement of Elgar's Cello Concerto, or the lyrical middle passage of Jupiter from Holst's Planets (the passage I'm thinking of begins about 3:00 minutes into that clip). Another possibility in the same vein would be Nimrod from Elgar's Enigma Variations, although for many Brits the immediate association of that piece is Remembrance Day.

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I was trying to think of songs that actually reference typography somehow in their lyrics, but came up blank. But I did find a song with a very appropriate title -- "Perpetua" in the album "Muse" the Yaron Herman Trio (track #5)." target="itunes_store

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> distinctly British...You want something pastoral

Something by the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, perhaps?

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You all are truly awesome.
I feel inspired by every single suggestion posted.
But I agree with the need for the song to be recognizably British.

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Perpetuum Mobile?

It's also the theme song to The Music Show, on ABC Radio National (That's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation!)

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> distinctly British...You want something pastoral

> Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Lark Ascending

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Well i've decided to go with 'Perpetuum Mobile' about 20sec into the vid. Although it isn't recognizably British, the piece has a beautiful rhythm to it.
It's light, elegant, classic and versatile- has great ring to it and I believe perfect for my animatic.
I also like the meaning behind the name 'perpetual motion...' it's very beautiful and only compliments Perpetua's place in the history of typography.
I'd like to thank everyone who offered suggestions.
I hope the animatic turns out well.
Thanks again :)

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In an English Country Garden.
(can't get more English than that and endlessly repetitive to boot.)

< edit >
oops... you've already made up you mind.

nice choice.

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Well thank russellm for the suggestion nonetheless. I'm still in the process of making my animatic on After Effects so who knows...great suggestion by the way

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It makes me think of I Eat Dub for Breakfast by Pylon.

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"We'll meet again" by Vera Lynn, perhaps? It's very British and quite sentimental, just like Perpetua...

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Gary Glitter - My gang

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Elgar's Cello Concerto seems better than Holst. It avoids all the StarWars mix.

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