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Hi all,

Has anybody else out there ever been paid font royalties from Fontworks ( I am finding them diabolically difficult to communicate with and, despite me having been with them for a year, am yet to receive any royalty payments.

Just wondering what the experiences of others has been...


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They send me royalty reports quarterly. I invoice them and they pay promptly. Other than that I haven't communicated with them.

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Are you actually due any royalties? ie. have they sold any of your stuff?

If you haven't received a report that means no units have been shifted.

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Hi Wayne, I have asked our accounts dept. to give me an update a.s.a.p. on all ATF sales and I'll contact you via email as soon as I have the information. Rest assured there's probably a very simple explanation because any royalties due are paid promptly.

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Wayne, it transpires that our accounts dept. contacted you and your colleague Alison earlier in the year requesting that ATF charge our card for the £37.50 due but we heard nothing back. We've made a PayPal payment today for the Q1, Q2 & Q3 periods, kindly issue an invoice. Seems like there was a communication breakdown at your end.

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Well Joe, there's obviously been some kind of miscommunication. I'm not going to get into a public argument about it. Will email you privately.

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