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Anyone know the font name used in college football designs..ex.

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Just curious for screen printing purposes-What font is used in this design??

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The style is called "Slab Serif" or Egyptian. There are several fonts with these characteristics. If you are a printer, your client should have the rights to use the font and therefore provide you with the font. If you want to have those copyrights yourself, you can find many fine slab serif fonts here on

Personally, I think Museo Slab is especially gorgeous. And if you really want to look hip, you can't beat the sleekness of Neutraface Slab. College kids and sports fans could really swoon over that stencil version of Neutraface Slab.

If your target market is women & men of all ages, check out Archer by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Sure, it was deisnged for Martha Stewart - but that's why it's just so darn classy. I can see women choosing this font on a shirt for a gift for their man. (And, he'd actually like it!)

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Often, college-style typefaces are octagonal in construction too, so you could search for keywords such as "octagonal", "college", "varsity", and "sport".
Other than the very good suggestions from Alaskan, if you’re not particularly interested in quality, or are looking for a clumsy feel:

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