Moleskine notebooks font

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The logo one and the one chosen for Music Journal (in this case):

Does anybody know?


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More images:

It says in the flash file that the font is DicSans74 150 wt.

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To be precise, DicSans74 150 wt and DicSans74 300 wt are embedded in the flash file.

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Dic Sans? To which foundry does it belong? And what is the font for the Moleskin logo?

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Most probably custom.
Moleskine resembles Copperplate Gothic.

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Thank you.

Do you know which font is used for the logo and Passions title above?

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passions could be Officina Sans

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It's interesting to me to note that the DicSans shown in Atwe's link looks a bit different than the one on the book covers. Did anyone else think that too?

The shape of the 'a' in particular seems like a distinctive feature of the Moleskine lettering, but the 'a' in the PDF sample at Molotro Type seems not quite the same to me. I didn't examine other letters, but that one caught my eye.

- Mike Yanega

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I noticed the same. Could it be a case of homonymy, or a further customization.

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It's not a case of homonymy.
They're different because the version uploaded on the website was an ongoing project
and it's not updated.

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