Plantin - Bristol + Carlton Art Deco Fonts?

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Plantin - Bristol + Carlton Art Deco Fonts, has anyone made a digital version?

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Broadway, Broadway Engraved. No?

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Not Broadway. Check out the wierd stress. Nick Curtis' Secret Agent have some similar shapes, but it's wider.

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I agree it's similar to Broadway, but not quite the same.

Wonder if anyone has a specimen?

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I just stumbled across the non-engraved (Bristol) version in Photo-Lettering's Alphabet Thesaurus 3, so House Industries should have the film masters...

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Bristol (1929), Carlton (1929) and Savoy (1936) were drawn by Dick Dooijes (under supervision of Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos) for Lettergieterij Amsterdam. They were based on Broadway by Morris Fuller Benton.

Photo-Lettering Inc. made a film font of Bristol (and a outline version called Bristol Open).

The now defunct Bright Ideas made a digital version of Bristol called Beardsley (they added a lowercase to the typeface).

Here are some specimen:

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Thanks a lot for posting those showings, Sander.

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Free Beardsley (Bristol) font. If this is not legit, I assume the moderator will remove it.

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Mike, you're welcome! Great to see you are still around.

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