Critique new logo?

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I'm new to graphic design, and am working on a logo for my knitwear brand. I'm not sure if I am making a mistake by using Bell Gothic as the typeface, since it was designed for smaller type. Any suggestion or criticism is welcome.

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The dp mark is nice, especially as there's a looping, weaving, knotted look to it. I think the rest is just a bit cold for knitwear. Have you tried setting the Spundone much smaller so it's as wide as the dp, and put it across the top or bottom?

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Weave it into tapestry, take a photo.

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With regards the mark - "dp" is a very common two letter combination and a popular choice for creating a monogram. It is very hard to make something unique out of these two letters. For example, see here, which is just one person exploring various monogramming options. Another set of conceptes is here, and there are plenty more over at logopond and similar sites.

In other words I would try and not do a monogram if it's at all an option.

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Interesting -- I used dp because they are my initials, and another organization had taken the domain However, I could use spundoneknits or something similar.

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spundone by dp

There are many possibilities here for wordplay around the subject... On 'spundon' (undone)- do you want people to think it's 'undone'? Just my thoughts...

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