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help me to ID this font

Thanks a lot!

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I'm leaving work for home. This one's for you guys. (grin grin).

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thank you Jared,

looks like it

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OK, let's make this interesting, with a small digression:

Name a font that looks almost exactly like Impact.


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Hrant -- It seems like there are several that look similar. Are you thinking, perhaps, of Matthew's Helvetica Compressed?

-- K.

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I was thinking of Haettenschweiler.


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Why would anyone want to do that, Stephen? Gross. ;)

Hrant, is it possible that the tail of the lowercase "g" of Haettenschweiler doesn't curl upwards like Impact's?

BTW does anyone know if Tahoma is a Verdana lookalike, or is it just my browser that substitutes it for Verdana?

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i think tahoma is actually a condensed version of verdana...
probably they made it because in some sizes verdana looks too wide?

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Impact, isn't it?

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You could fake bold and stretch Helvetica Inserat and get a similar result.

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