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Does someone know how to convert open type font to true type? I see there is a world of software online that do this, but they come with specifications and limitations that involve unfamiliar vocabulary to me. How can I be sure the software I choose is compatible with my client's proprietary font (which contains open type figure sets)?

Thanks for any tips.

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1. copy the last line
2. paste it in Google search
3. hit enter
site: convert open type font to true type

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Transtype might be a good gamble, but if the font is custom the original designer can probably provide the most kosher TTF version.

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Thanks for the recommendation Sii. I agree asking the original type designer to do it would be safest; the task has fallen on me only because the designer is not available!

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TransType, as Sii mentioned, is a popular font conversion utility, and cross-platform. There's also a newer one called FontXChange for Mac. The open source FontForge editor can also convert between formats.

FontXChange and FontForge both maintain OpenType features, as well as the Pro version of TransType. TransType also does automatic TrueType hinting, which the others do not (though you could add autohinting afterward with FontForge or another capable font editor).

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