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Project : To design a logo that corresponds to the words : modern, stylish and simple. The client is a hosting company with some recognition in my country. They were somewhat steadfast about the changing of their old logotype, but after some persuasion they inclined to modify it.

Old logo : old

New logo suggestions : new

Galin Krasimirov

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Well, #2 is right out, since it changes the company's name! Of the others, I like #4 best, and #5 the least (although it could work for a lighting company).

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I am confused. The name is "resoundnet", right? Why all the emphasis on RE-NET?

You couldn't be doing them a bigger favor by talking them out of their existing logotype.

Modern, stylish and simple? You seem to be working in the right direction. Which definition is the word "resound" referencing? An echo or being filled with sound? Have you considered any clever ways of incorporating one of those definitions? I guess I'm just not sinking my teeth into any of your current solutions yet. I am interested in seeing where you take this design.


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Thanks for your expeditious replies.

To Steve : If you may notice on their original(primordial :-) logo they use the same ambivalence in their logo name. It is rather confusing how to read it. On #2 I tried to give another vision of their old "design".
You are right about #5. It surely is like a lighting company, but the effect was rather pleasant, so I used it just to bulge the number of variations.

To Scott :
>> The name is "resoundnet", right? Why all the emphasis on RE-NET?
<< Yes, that is the correct name of the company and the way they want it to appear. The emphasis on Re-net is connected with their company policy. I don't know what exactly it means, but it is a Must.

>>Which definition is the word "resound" referencing? An echo or being filled with sound? Have you considered any clever ways of incorporating one of those definitions?
<< I am delving into the sounds right now and trying to incorporate another form, because this radio waves are trite nowadays. On most of the variations I tried to use it, because I knew that it was going to correspond to the client more delicately.

>> I guess I'm just not sinking my teeth into any of your current solutions yet.
<< I will post some new design after day or so.

Note : The client's expectations are not so high, so I guess something simple will do the trick.

If you want to comment more on the variations, which I posted so far - feel free to do it.

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Another variation. Emphasis on the three forming letters.

I am considering the "R", "S", "N" morph. So the next variation probably will be connected to the morphing of the threesome (R,S,N).

Note : The height of letter "S" in variation #7 is intentional and the purpose is to put up with the client's requirements. (the "R" and "N" contrasted to the "S".

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Galin your client needs to take the fork in the road and travel that path. You can't make two names with equal emphsis and expect anything but confussion. I'm confussed, pick one name! Use the one that the consumers write the check to.

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To Daniel Weaver : The word that characterizes my client is stubborn. So If I try to persuade him about the right way to use a company name, he will laugh at my face and eventually find another designer to do His designs. I am not the one who chooses the company name and so I just have to submit to the decision of the client.

All I am asking on this project is to provide me with critique, which I will use as a groundwork to the designs.

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get rid of the gradients please. work in black and white first then apply your corporate colours - sans gradients.

how many times have we all said it? Why does everyone insist on using them? why are the rules being forgotten?...sorry Galin don't mean to direct this to you, it's just that over and over again all I see in this folder are gradients.

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there are "rules" against gradients? not that i like them, but i think there's times when you can and times when you can't.

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To Tanya : I am sorry to have abused your penchant for monochrome. If you don't like what are you seeing on the screen, then you can just ignore this topic.
Nevetheless, I cannot believe what you have posted, Tanya. Have you got a quarrel with somebody and you just couldn't resist to castigate ME.

>> How many times have we all said it?
<< This line implies that you have said something and most probably you have directed it to me. This is untrue, Tanya. You haven's said anything.

>> Why does everyone insist on using them?
<< Am I a collective image of everyone? I don't think so. Everybody is unique and has the right to stay that way. If you think that you are better than "these ignorant people you are addressing" - I don't believe this is the right place to manifest it.

Even though you said "sorry Galin don't mean to direct this to you", it doesn't make me less insulted.

Note : I use colorful versions of the designs, because simultaneously they are given to the client and like every client he/she likes to see in color.
Please comment on the variations I gave you. If you like monochrome versions just say so.

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In your #7 example:
I don't think the white lines penetrating the letters is a good solution. They make it harder to actually see what it is. And it isn't easy in the first place as I find the letters kerned to heavily.

I think your first examples, namely #3 & #4 work a lot better.


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No need to take offense to Tanya's advice. It's good advice, and you're in here for a critique afterall.

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To darrel : You are right darrel, but her post was quite offensive.
I just had to say what I felt. That's all.

Once again, I really appreciate your advices.

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I don't think there was anything offensive in Tanya's post. She was simply stating a principle many of us learned in design school and is relevant to your post - if it doesn't work in B&W its not going to work in colour so work out the black and white version first. That makes it much easier to see the balance and shape of the design as well as the spacing.

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Galin, I don't think Tanya meant anything personal. Those of us who were trained pre-internet typically have a different perspective on rules and traditions of design. I used to feel pretty strongly about making designs work in black and white too, in fact, I still work that way most of the time; however, with the advent of the internet, there are businesses that exist soley online that have virtually no printed media support. With this understanding I have compromised my stand on the black and white approach to those types of businesses.

The real disappointment comes when there is no preliminary thinking on paper (concepting, sketching). My current mindset is that if the concepts are worked out on paper first, then the black and white approach has been applied sufficiently.

As for gradients

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Galin, like many of us Tanya is simply passionate about design, so she expresses herself* strongly, but not necessarily directly at individuals. If you can manage to put that in context, you'll benefit more from good advice. BTW, looking in your profile I see that your personal quote is "Express yourself"! :-)

* Although Typophile used to enjoy more of it from her!


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*aww shucks thanks Hrant - been too busy lately that's all.

Anyway - won't bother defending my comments as most of you have done nicely already.

I have nothing against gradients per say - just gradients in a corporate identity. So least I explain why a bit further.

Beyond the fact that most times they are a cheap effect with little to no purpose in relation to the company, they are also hard to reproduce or very expensive for the company to reproduce in various media's and materials. Automatically you can't make a stamp, it won't be clear on fax coversheets and will lose detail on photocopies. Vinyl cuts (for the neon sign or office storefront) will be difficult and expensive. The logo itself won't be the same in reverse for say if the logo is being placed in a newspaper or magazine ad on a black background...ect ect. there are many reasons why this has been a general rule of thumb - and some people do break them but you should have a very, I repeat very strong reason for doing so. It is intrinsically related to the company - this effect? Is the company rich enough to reproduce it well? If not ...your going to get upset the day you see your logo basterdized or poorly displayed.

If all one care's about is its' display on screen because it's an internet thing well your design won't last come the day (if it comes) when your client goes public. I'd plan for your clients future in order to help them succeed - cause well...that's our business.

just some thoughts.

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Thanks for your posts, typophiles. I am sure that your words originated from your hearts and also that you wish nothing but to contribute with your comments to future designers and designs. I am sorry for taking that personally Tanya's animadversion. I just felt somehow that it derides me by assuming me a collective image. It seems I have been wrong about that. Tanya, sorry for taking this too seriously.

P.S I will shun the gradients, but keep the colors.

Salute to all.

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no problem Galin - often I forget that no one can hear my tone of voice in here and my words can have a stinging effect (I wish this one only the first time haha)

We all read things differently and times when I'm having a particularly bad day I might get upset too if I'm to hear that something I've done isin't already perfect - but that rarely happens (joking!)

anywho keep on truckin' and show us some more.

I say lash out all you's better to do it here then with the client, and it makes for some added drama in our desinery vacuums eh?

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Thank you for your words, Tanya. :-)

This project is rather completed now, because the client(#1 and #4) liked some of the variations and so I just have to change some colors and (shun some gradients) :-).

P.S If you like you can(I mean all of you) still comment on the variations and probably this could give me some future guidelines.

P.S.S Currently I am doing another logotype for an "Automobile selling company" and it is planned to be posted here tomorrow or later today.


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Galin, you would do yourself a big favor to work with other professionals, like marketing people. They could rationalize creating one name idenity. I would take the approach of tiering the idenity, like Resound a division of ReNet. This allows the consumer a heirarcy of understanding. What your client is asking is to create a blivit. Ten pounds of s_ _ _ _ in a five pound bag.

If your client won't listen to professional advice then they don't respect you and you will make tons of hours of work and you won't get paid.

Tanya Rules!

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