Logotype and Symbol for restaurant redesign

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There's a fast-food restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. It's called Roll 'N' Roaster and has been there for as long as I can remember. It's an eyesore and hasn't changed it's aesthetic since AT LEAST the 80s when they released their one and only commercial (as far as I know, I'm only 21). Anyway, their main selling item are their cheeseburgers and their roast beef sandwiches with cheese. As a matter of fact, you can "put cheez on anything you pleez!"

Anyway, I want to rebrand the whole place (starting with the logo.) I want it to look like a high-class restaurant, but keep the attitude that makes it a neighborhood landmark (they call themselves the "not-so-fast fast-food restaurant.)

I've never had any real-world critiques outside of school, so it would be great if you all could drop some knowledge on me.

Yeah, that's a little hamburger there in the negative space, in case you couldn't see it already.

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all i see it a bug. sorry. Like the font though.

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Hmm, I have to admit, I see it now, too. I'm going to try to find a way to get rid of those "legs." Maybe putting the symbol in a box?

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Try using 2 'R's like this:

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That's true, I had the two R's before. I copied and flipped them in order to make the square, obviously. The only thing would be that they make lopsided buns (just using 2.) I could just get rid of the tails on two of the R's...

Needs some more tinkering, I suppose. A suggestion worth pursuing, though.

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You'll need to also correct the valley formed where they join then.

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Yes, I did end up fixing that just now, I just finished printing it! But yes, it annoyed me once I got up in there.

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This is for a fast food place? I don't really feel that. I think the 2-R logo is a great suggestion, but it still doesn't say "come here instead of McDonald's" to me.

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Hmm... Would something based on one of the rupee symbol proposals work better?

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The way you are selling the logo suggests that this is a rotisserie type restaurant, not a cheeseburger and roast beef type place. I think you have to be careful not to design above the client base for the establishment, because you risk loosing some of the people that have kept it open for so long. Just my thoughts.

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