The Symbojet has landed - the 1st font with standard encoding for signage

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Since this morning the new font Symbojet is alive at MyFonts. (Sorry for the delay, it was just a MF pipeline issue.)

Symbojet is the first font product offering letters and symbols alike on the very same high level of design and based on standard encoding.

Composing like that can now be done out of one single font. The combination of text with signage was never as easy and elegant.
Both fonts Symbojet Regular and Symbojet Bold contain an equal number of alphabetic and pictographic glyphs. Most of the symbols are based on the new Unicode-6.0 codepoints and are identical in both fonts.
Each font contains about 340 letters (Latin for all European languages, Greek), 124 alphanumeric characters (circled and squared A–Z and 1–10), 400 symbol glyphs (340 of it having UC/ISO codepoints) and 12 ornaments.
Altogether there are more than 1000 glyphs in either font.
Here is a selection of the pictographic repertoire:

(Please go to the MyFonts site for English samples.)
Nearly all pictographic glyphs are related to an underlying circle-square-scheme. So they can get combined with circle or square shield glyphs:

You’ll find those combining glyphs in both fonts, at the bottom of listing in glyph palette windows.

Last but not least, you can do not only serious wayfinding and public signage work with Symbojet. Use it for eye-catchig restaurant menus, beach banners, private mailings and funny birthday cards as well.

Read more about Unicode 6.0 additions in this thread.
Über Unicode 6.0 und Symbojet: auf Deutsch bei
Mehr Hintergrundinformation bei

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Please note that the Regular style is available as a single font as well.

I have no idea what is currently ongoing at Myfonts, they behaved *very* strange with this release. I apologize for that.

Meanwhile, as long as Symbojet Regular is wrongly priced “$68” at the MF site, I offer an introductory special price of only $35 for direct delivery (to be payed via PayPal).
--> send request

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Congratulations, Andreas! A great release.

As I said in another thread, combining symbols are an excellent addition to OT features. Hope SymbolJet open a new trend on this.

BTW, I visited MF and it seems to be working now.

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
This looks amazingly versatile, fun, & so beautifully drawn. Best of success with it!

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Great stuff, I've been waiting for this to come along for a long time. very exciting!

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I like the cocktail complete with umbrella.

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This is pretty rad, Andreas! I just sent you an e-mail.

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That's very neat, and very useful. Great stuff.

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Dafür: Gratulation!

to me you always find interesting and strong market-niches. I hope you will have success with this one.

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Perhaps in the next release there'll be an ice hockey and a skate board glyph too :)

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@5star: I remain open to suggestions, like I’ve always been.

Thank you all for your kind words.

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