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Hi all, was wondering if there were any particluarly theatre-oriented typefaces in your minds... I'm just starting a new project and need a kick start, and need the client to get away from Bleeding Cowboys...

Thanks in advance!


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What kind of theatre? Now it's too broad a request...

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I agree with Riccard0, can't really give suggestions unless there are more specifics.

I have to say that Bleeding Cowboys doesn't really say "Theater" to me, at all. As a matter of fact, it's painfully overused for projects in which it doesn't belong. Just the day before yesterday I got a political advertisement using Bleeding Cowboys. It looked terrible! Granted, local politics never have good design departments, but Bleeding Cowboys? For an election brochure? C'mon.

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Ah, sorry, It's a smallish and they operate from what they call a 'studio' theater- capacity around 100. They have a number of groups that come to put on shows, of all type and genres. To summarise, not big, but could be a lot bigger. Also they are involved in shows around the area- so not anchored the the studio.

They have been going for around 10 years or more, so they aren't needing a major publicity campaign. Thanks for helping folks!

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The Museo series is clean, contemporary and offers three flavors (original, sans and slab), and is reasonably priced...certainly a step up in "class" from Bleeding Cowboys.

On the other hand, if you really want to be bleeding edge, this freebie will take your bruchure to where no studio theater brochure has gone before...

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oldnick; both are top class suggestions. I'll test them out and post the results for crit in a few weeks/months. I really do appreciate your responses. Fabulous.

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