Fourmation Logo, More expert advice needed? This is a hard one!!!

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Hi there,

I am in desperate need of some much needed critique for a logo I am developing. The logo is for a sportswear company I am starting up.

The company name is fourmation, I did want to use the company name formation but couldn't. I then justified calling it fourmation because of the numbers used for formations in sport etc...drill me if I need drilling haha.

Anyways I decided that because its a logo going on sportswear that in needs to be simple, effective and work in one colour only. Attached is a concept that stood out for me, the word fourmation will appear below it. I wanted the logo to refer to the number four somehow but not in a cliche way...I am sure we call all dream up something in no time using the number 4, I didn't want it to be that easy.

As you can see in the logo there is both a "f" and a "4", I need to know if this is obvious enough to work? I am worried that the 4 doesn't look convincing enough, am I right?

Please help!!!

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Well, I like it. Sure it says "sport". F is more evident than 4, but it shouldn't be a problem.
Only thing is, I keep seeing an H in the white.

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Prior to reading the post and only looking at the mark, I saw two 'f's at first. And then I saw the H in the middle.

That may not be an issue at all, but thought I'd mention it FWIW. Having the name 'fourmation' underneath might remedy that completely. I don't think the 4/f thing is obvious, but being overly obvious isn't necessarily something you need to have for a successful logo.

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Thanks heaps for your comments guys, really appreciate it.

I did spot the "H" in the middle and I also saw this as a potential problem. Personally I like that logo as a visual, it's simple but is it effective?

I don't know if the "f" and the "4" need to be obvious, maybe they do, I am unsure of this. But as mentioned you then have the "H" forming, this could be a big problem I think.

I like it but is the execution there? Is there to many questions to be asked of the logo rather than just working?

Please help you awesome people you!!!

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Shorter crossbars would probably get rid of the H.

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Can anyone else help me? Any other comments?

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The whole thing feels squished vertically. I think you could bring out the F/4 idea more, and get rid of the H problem. Maybe try having the two parts relate to each other differently, like shifting one right and one left. Good start!

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Thanks for your comments, I think I might strat from scratch haha

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