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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">Hi,
I am redesign a comunity internet`s brand

What is your opinon about it?

I sending information about the company:

- the company it

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I'm a little confused about the 3 colored dots. The face mark looks like an abstract "Phantom of the Opera" mask. I like the logo type. Personally I don't like when websites include the url with the logo, but with the .net I can see why; maybe just add a smaller .net to the right of the "q" descender. Do you have to stick with the simplified face mark? I'd try to avoid the cult, circle motif they current have on their site.


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I like the overall appeal of the logo (I see that you have used the same font, which appears on the original logo and added some variation on the symbol).
As Michael said, the 3 colored dots are unnecessary decoration. The repetition of the company name below Chasque is a redundancy. Michael's advice to use just ".net" might be a good solution.

If I compare the two logos. The conclusion will be that : You haven't made much alteration (I see that you have changed the right eye with a circle and added something that looks like a brow to the left).
The best thing about your re-design is that you got rid of the 4 face and tried to stick with one.


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I really appreciate your recomendations,

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I think that the four faces had a key idea: community

I also think this itteration looks an awful lot like LG

I would either push the abstraction or pull it back some how.


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