opinion about my new font

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this is my second font, and I'd love to hear opinions about it.


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extra points for the tom waits lyrics. ;)

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thanks, Jörg! =)

any opinion about the font?

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The roman is generally all right, but there is a rigid awkwardness that pervades the italic. The loops in particular seem like a strange decision. But I guess it would not be a productive suggestion to change the whole look of it after release.

Some mistakes in the extended Latin set: Ł requires a diagonal stroke. The strokes of đ and ħ should cross through the ascenders. ŋ should not have a serif interrupting the descender. It seems you have somehow confused lowercase ľ with capital Î.

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Also, was it on purpose to have the strokes cross and make a hollow area in some of the accented glyphs?

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Hmmm, I think it would be easier to critique constructively if it wasn’t released yet…

I agree about the italic looking awkward in some details. The vertical cuts seem very distracting and the italic /e/ looks condensed in comparison to, e.g. the /a/.

As far as I know the hollow areas are a common problem that occurs when two (non-joined) closed vector shapes overlay and are exported as a pdf.

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as you already released this font, the proper place to post was Release section. Anyway, as you did post here, I suppose you are asking for some critiques in order to improve future versions of Ataxia.

Your Roman resembles a lot Guardian Text and Cordale –and, in a minor degree, Enclave. I like these fonts, especially Guardian. So I also like your overall design. But there are some problems you may address:

01. bar in |t| and |f| are very big. This disrupts the equibilium of the glyph. |t| could be a bit shorter at right, but |f| needs mode reduction.

02. |g| would benefit with more space between upper and bottom ellipsis. I did this error in my onw font and a fellow Typophiler pointed me the problem this brings in small sizes. As you have very good counterspaces, it's easy to reduce a bit the bottom orey to get more air at the center.

03. straight cut on top of |q| stem is a bit strange, it does not combines with other elements.

04. middle bar in |F| is OK, but it becomes very short in |E| due to the bottom bar.

05. almost all curves and connections are good and well designed. But the bottom curve of |C| is still not there, its thick variation does not follows overall curves.

06. cedilla is very much ellaborated to Ataxia general style. You can try a simpler shape.

07. tilde is excellent. The same with acute/grave. I also like these diacritics positioning. But dieresis must have more gap between dots and Hungarumlaut must have less. Breve needs to be bolder. I cannot evaluate other diacritics at the size of your images. But it seems ogonek and eng leg are going beyond descender line, which is not correct.

About italics, I second Kevin (Cerulean) and Joerg opinion. I particularly dislike the cut you applied to external curves in |e|k| and descenders. This straight cut is out of the normal fluidness of glyph shape. I don't see a reason to this cut, which is far from the other design elements.

Closed descenders in italic |g|y|z| are also strange. Ataxia has a rational design, almost without calligraphic or decorative elements. But these lassos are typically calligraphic and brings some deco. Thus, they become like strangers in your design.

Although I pointed several issues, I did like Ataxia. It could be improved and become a great contemporary serif.

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Addendum: you must decompose composites and remove overlaps before exporting the font. This causes the gaps inside |Eth|Tbar|Lslash|tbar|.

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Thanks guys!

I posted here exactly to see some critiques and to make future versions of Ataxia.

I really appreciate all critiques, especially because I'm learning a lot with them.

Thanks again!

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