which v to choose?

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Hey everybody,

Me again. Here's three different v's. In case you haven't noticed yet, the difference is in width. Hope you can tell me wich one looks best to you. I think the choice is between the first and second, but I put the original (third) also in the picture. When I judge things like this I usually take some steps back before I look at it. Is ther anything else (except printing and squeezing eyes) I might do for better judgement?


Jasper de Waard

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I agree, that it is between the first and second.

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Ok, that's a start. thanks

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Why don't "v" and "i" have any smooth corners?
See Stag Sans for thorough integration of the feature at many weights.

Or stencil breaks?

They look like the come from a different typeface.

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2nd 'v' and I agree with Nick's comments about it needing a stencil break and the 'i' needing a rounded corner — something to integrate them with the rest of the characters.

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