Chunky brushed script piece

Frode Bo Helland's picture

Just a lettering piece I’m working on. I’m not to familiar with brush scripts. Do you spot any obvious mistakes, or do you have some suggestions for improvements?

penn's picture

The 'i' seems pretty low / small compared to the rest — so much so that I thought it was a swash from the character to its right. Also, the sharp ends on the 't' aren't present in any of the other characters.

whyawhelk's picture

The whole thing looks like it's in perspective. I don't know if that's just the smallness of the i and the height of the t, but it looks like the word is angled towards me.

Frode Bo Helland's picture

Thanks guys. No need to comment more. Twas just a quick thingy that I'll do much better the next time.

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