Fonts used on service wallets 1917-1918

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What a site! I will be forever indebted to my Lecturer at Uni for directing me this way.

OK down to the fun stuff: I need some help identifying a couple of fonts that were utilised for service insignia and apparel marking. I am currently putting together a one-off book for a project in my final year at University, the content is directly linked with Trench Art my great grandfather made during his time at The Somme in WW1. I really love the two fonts stamped on his old service wallet and would like to use them, unfortunately I'm a fontard and can't identify them.

If anyone out there knows....please don't keep it to yourself :-)

Thanks everyone,

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The serif font is a generic Modern Italic, it would have just been named a "roman" at the time.

The other is a beaut, but I don't recognize it. Thing is, these would have been bookbinding punches, not from the same kind of supplier as for foundry type.

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Thanks Nick, I was dreading that about the second font, it's quite lovely isn't it! The numbers are especially nice.

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