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hi people,

i am desinging a masthead for a new interior design magazine. it is supposed to be a high lifestyle and sophisticated kind of magazine. the client wants me to design it with typo only. could anyone suggest me a font which would go with the culture and concept of the magazine (elegant and very modern). i was thinking of rotis(semisans or sans) by otl aicher.
please guide me. thanks in advance.

it is titled as "better interiors"

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Udaya, I'm afraid Rotis can be considered neither modern nor elegant. You might want to look at Seria (Sans), Fresco (sans), Eureka (sans). And yes, they all happen to be Dutch designs, but that's sheer coincidence. Hopefully this will get you further in your quest...

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I think Rotis (but not the "full" Sans) might actually be a good choice here because: its narrowness will help with the long name; and I think it does look elegant and contemporary (I'm not sure what "modern" really means here). On the other hand, it's been overused, and it will probably need some tweaking to look just right. So I think you might keep looking - and hopefully get some more help here.


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Whatever your final choice I would urge you to convince your client to invest in someone with skill to manually readjust the letterforms of the final setting so that the logo becomes a logo. The double t in Better will need some work as most likely ther ri and rs combinations in Interiors. It need not cost a fortune, but it should be looked at.

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thank you very much for responding.
corvers, i tried your suggestion. the client perfered the rotis semi serif. i am attaching few of the options which i have done. final refinements have to be done.
any suggestions...
mastheadmasthead 2masthead 3masthead 4

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Take my advice and skip the flowers!!!. And If you stick with Rotsis sans (which in my opinion feels so "80ish") do adjust
it into a unique form. Good luck!


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thank you stefan, as you suggested i have taken off the flowers. and i am trying to get it to a unique form. the client seems to be pretty much happy with the above samples (but without the flowers).


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