Technical Question- Generating Fonts in Fog5

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This question may best be directed at Adam, but any other comments are definitely welcome.

I'm working on a project whereby I need to develop up to 10 different styles of the same font. When I finish one font, I do a save as and begin work on the next one, and so on.

I work on a Mac using OSX 10.5.8

The problem I'm having is with Generating the fonts because if I simply do a SAVE AS of the font, the Font ID (for Mac, especially) numbers remain the same as the original.

With FOG4 I had the option of changing the PostScript and BitMap ID numbers so there wouldn't be an ID conflict. I'm having a problem doing the same thing in FOG5 because I don't see anywhere I can make the ID number changes.

If I try to open the fonts in FOG 4 (because I know I CAN make the changes in it), I am getting crashes. So, my question is: Is it possible to change the font ID numbers in FOG 6?

Another work around is to generate the first font, then open its PS file and create a NEW font from it by doing a save and naming it with the next style name. I've tried that, and went into FOG4 to make sure the ID numbers were different. When I tried to do a GET INFO for the file FOG4 crashes.

Any help, or explanation would be appreciated. Please keep it fairly non-technical though, as I'm a bit of an idiot when it comes to such technical matters.Thanks


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No help, no explanation: it's just another thing--like PANOSE numbers--that the developers considered unnecessary...

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Apple has been ignoring the FOND ID* since MacOS 8 (1997).

Actually, FOND ID is still being used when Mac OS X installs a Mac Type 1 font, but only for the purpose of identifying which codepage the font should be reconigzed at (MacRoman, MacCE, MacCyrillic etc.). But the FOND IDs no longer need to be unique, so I wouldn't worry about it at all.


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