perpetua font

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I have to make a 30sec animatic based on either a) the history of a particular font or b) the applications of the font
My font is Perpetua
I would like to know in general when would you use this font or how you generally view this font
Any ideas much appreciated

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Mmmm nice, and I agree.

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Why not playing with the meaning of the name?

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thanx for the great ideas. but still being a student when i think of perpetua i always view it as a forgotten font-- i mean i dont think about it that much and for me is never chosen first for anything

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Upon further research I realize what a historic font Perpetua really is.
It's classic, elegant, light, recognizably British, versatile, serene and subtle...
I'm kind of glad that I'm doing Perpetua for my animatic.
I was thinking of incorporating Gill's line drawings into my animatic if I was to focus on the creative attributes of the font.
But now this project seems like a lot of fun.
Thank you for all your help

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This is a full page ad (8 1/8" x 10 7/8") that ran in magazines like Playboy in the late 1960s, art directed by Helmut Krone, written by Paula Green. "No. 1" (Hertz) is never mentioned. It was kinda ballsy to set the entire ad in Perpetua Bold, 18 or 24 pt text. But the effect is nonetheless very literate and classy -- no clutter such as logos and other branding.

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This is gold.
If my project was to be marked on research alone I think I would be set. It's interesting to see Perpetua set as the only font for the advert. Just proves its versatility I guess

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