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First, I apologize if my questions have been already addressed. I did some minor searching, to no avail.

I've recently decided to start a blog about, among other things, film and filmmaking. Particularly, I'm interested in writing in-depth reviews and analysis of films I've seen, both from the perspective of an audience member and as a would-be filmmaker.

I suppose the first issue is the viability of using web fonts in the first place. How much testing should I really do? I don't have easy access to a Windows machine at the moment.... If I do use web fonts, I'd like to use @font-face.

I've found a font I like for the body text—Mr. Jones. I don't want to break the bank, so I'll likely just use the Book and Medium weights. That leaves the question of what to use for headings and "post metadata" (date, category, etc). I was considering using Haymer for this—all caps, Black or Bold for the headings, and Light for the metadata.

I'm not super fond of Haymer's lowercase, but I think the uppercase is quite nice. I was also considering the gorgeous Brandon Grotesque, but it is significantly more costly (to me, anyway).

My amateur eye tells me that Mr. Jones and a nice geometric sans would be sufficiently different in personality that I could use them together. I think that Mr. Jones feels somewhat serious and corporate; stylish, but not so much so as to sacrifice readability or credibility, whereas Haymer or Brandon feel more playful, but still classy. That is, of course, according to my amateur eye....

Naturally, I am open to alternative ideas/suggestions. Thanks!

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