which k to choose?

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Hello everybody,

After a succesfull post about which g to choose, here's the k from expletus sans. The problem wit the k is that it doesn't look good with the gap at it's current spot. The bottom one is the original, but i think the the part of the top diagonal stroke closest to the stem (where it doesn't touch the bottom diagonal stroke yet) is a bit to small, making it look like a mistake. I hope one of the new options are an improvemen. Other suggestions are, off coarse, very welcome, but I couldn't find any.

thanks in advance, Jasper de Waard

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While the slight curve in the middle image is elegant, it looks like a mistake. My vote is for the bottom version.

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the middle image doesn't have a slight curve, must be an optical illusion. I think I prefer the middle version.

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Imo, the top version looks very cool, but I think the middle works best.

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thanks, i agree.

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