Looking for alternatives to Archer

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Archer is a lovely typeface, but here in Sweden it have gone too popular, especially in magazine design. Pretty much every other lifestyle-cover in the stands have Archer on it. So here I am, with my first post on Typophile, asking you for great alternatives to Archer.

I'm looking for slab-serifs with a classy och and soft feeling. Great span of weights, from hairline to black, is qualifying.

I like Jubilat, but it haven't any hairline. Charlie is also quite nice.

Any suggestions?

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Neutraface Slab? Less playful, four text weights, many display options.

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What about the lovely Ernestine? http://ninastoessinger.com/?l=d&s=type will be available soon at Fontshop.

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New link for Ernestine: http://ernestinefont.com/
Thanks for recommending it, Roland!

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